We are offering 60 positions to undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students who are interested in expanding their knowledge in any field of Catalan linguistics.

The EDELC 2023 format is in-person and will have a duration of 20 hours, spread over four days. It will consist of theoretical classes, practical classes, an inaugural keynote speech, as well as group tutorials with the professors. Sessions will be conducted in both Catalan and English, although the language of each course will be specified in July. The EDELC program also includes social activities. While these activities are not mandatory, we encourage students to participate as they provide opportunities to network with linguistics students from various territories, both national and international.

The tuition fee is as follows (note that the application makes us specify whether you are a UB student or not, but this does not affect the price):

  • UB students with free accommodation: €30
  • UB students without free accommodation: €20
  • Non-UB students with free accommodation: €30
  • Non-UB students without free accommodation: €20

Instructions and deadlines for making the tuition payment will be published on this page (in the “Pre-registration and Enrolment” section) and will be communicated via email to all pre-registered students.

Dates of accommodation in Santa Eularieta:

  • Entrance: August 27
  • Departure: August 31

The programme of the EDELC 2023 is available here:

Below you will find the program for the two poster presentation sessions: